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Concerns Over Overtime
Employers are cautiously awaiting more details from the Obama administration on its planned overhaul to the nation's overtime rules. Experts say any move to replicate California's overtime regulations would mean big headaches for companies.
Temporary Workers, Risky Situations
Reducing injuries among temporary workers continues to be a major priority for OSHA, which recently boosted its communications efforts around the agency's Temporary Worker Initiative.
Pushing for Mandatory Paid-Sick Leave
New York is the latest city to implement a mandatory paid-sick-leave law. As support for such legislation grows around the country, HR professionals everywhere may want to start thinking about what their organizations would need to do in order to comply should such laws take effect in their areas.
Workplace Flexibility Still Proves Elusive
Study shows flexible-work arrangements remain out of reach for most employees, and finds employers' options are still too limited.
Fighting FMLA Abuse
Family and Medical Leave Act abuse comes in many forms. The solution to curbing it, however, will require HR leaders to rethink their current approach and suspend their trust in some employees.
Can Works Councils Work Here?
After Volkswagen employees rejected United Auto Workers' efforts to unionize at a plant in Tennessee, whispers about works councils persist. With success achieved overseas, could these bodies impact employee representation in the United States?
Push Is On Against Unemployment Discrimination
With increasing efforts under way to ensure the long-term unemployed aren't discriminated against, employers would be wise to stay 10 strokes ahead of the wave.
Time to Reassess Severance Agreements?
It might be, if the EEOC wins a lawsuit that claims CVS Pharmacy's separation agreements interfere with employees' right to file discrimination charges and communicate with the agency. Experts say an EEOC victory would compel other employers to take a hard look at their own agreements.
Are Employers Being 'Ambushed'?
Proposed NLRB union-organizing rules are being called 'game changers' by both sides in the debate, and for very different reasons.
Reading Between the Lines
While a recent reduction in disability-related charges from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may be viewed as a positive trend, a deeper look shows a different picture.
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Legal Clinic Column

Question: I am putting together a high-level presentation for my HR team on the top legal developments in 2013 that will impact how we practically manage employee relations in workplace in 2014. Can you please identify and provide a brief synopsis of the most important employment-related legal developments in 2013 -- something like a Top 10? I want to make sure I know about all the "biggies."