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Biometrics in the Workplace
While the use of biometrics continues to emerge in the workplace, at least one group is pushing back against its use: employees.
The GOP Effect on the EEOC
Legal experts debate whether a Republican-controlled Congress will have any effect on the direction of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's agenda in 2015.
Time to Stand Up to Workplace Bullies
Legal experts say California's new anti-bullying legislation may set a new national standard for employment-law compliance.
CVS Arbitration Policy Raises Concerns
Former supervising pharmacist speaks out about a new opt-out option within a CVS training module he says could rob workers of their rights.
Addressing 'Egregious' Online Behavior
While examples have been plentiful of National Labor Relations Board decisions erring on the side of free-speech protections in social-media posts, a new board ruling shows some worker discussions on online platforms may be explicit enough to justify action on an employer's part.
EEOC Throws a Wellness Curve
With its third lawsuit in 2014, the EEOC has given employers pause when it comes to wellness initiatives and conflicting laws.
Reform, GOP-Style
After the recent midterm elections, experts say the GOP's control of Senate will make piecemeal civil-service reform more likely.
A Case of Anger, Disability and a Dog
Hawaiian case involving a Hertz supervisor with angry outbursts that he blames on other underlying medical conditions raises a few new questions about reasonable accommodations and the ADA.
Screens Under Scrutiny
Many companies employ online personality tests as a way to determine if candidates possess certain job-specific traits. But do some of them violate the ADA and discriminate against those with disabilities?
Noncompete Clause Headaches
A recent court case in Missouri regarding noncompete clauses demonstrates that, while such documents may indeed protect an organization's best interests, they can also cause plenty of legal and HR issues as well.
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Legal Clinic Column

Question: As we embark on the holiday party season, I would like a refresher on what sorts of things I need to be aware of when my company hosts a holiday party. At last year's party, one of our supervisors had a little too much to drink and became a bit too "friendly" with his staff. No one came forward and complained, but this supervisor's conduct was the subject of some office gossip the next few weeks. I'd like to have a better understanding of the liability that a company could face because of actions taken at a holiday party, and I also would appreciate some tips on how best to prevent issues from arising at a party.