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Unions Flourishing or Floundering?
Despite a recent NLRB decision in favor of union organizing, there are signs of a continuing weakening of unions' overall influence during the Obama administration.
Watching the Clock
Recent cases show agencies continue to struggle with properly implementing the Fair Labor Standards Act's requirements for paying employees for activities that are arguably part of the employee's workday.
No Laughing Matter
As this divisive election season heats up, employers are reminded to promptly stop workers from making unwelcome comments about co-workers' national origin, or else risk the wrath of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Overtime Overhaul
Newly proposed legislation calls for a more gradual roll-out of the Department of Labor's controversial new overtime rule.
The Bumpy Road to Paid Sick Leave
More workers in the United States are getting paid sick leave, but the trend has its challenges for HR. Even companies that already offer the benefit are struggling to keep up with inconsistent rules created by cities and states.
Sick-Leave Laws Cause HR Headaches
When it comes to paid sick leave, there are no easy answers for multistate employers, which must contend with a growing number of inconsistent state and local mandates.
Worth the Squeeze?
While it may be tempting to see how far the investigation deadlines can be pushed without penalty, the juice may not be worth the squeeze if the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission takes exception to a missed deadline.
Survey Highlights HR's Election Issues
With less than 100 days until the presidential election, a new survey of HR leaders finds that proposals requiring congressional action, such as healthcare and immigration reform, are of more concern than labor and regulatory policies.
Rallying to Reverse 'Joint-Employers' Decision
Industry groups are pulling out all the stops to argue against a landmark National Labor Relations Board ruling allowing more companies to be considered joint employers that can be forced into union negotiations.
Tackling Systemic Discrimination
A recent report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims the agency now addresses and handles systemic-discrimination cases in improved ways. Legal experts weigh in on HR's role in ending systemic bias in every industry.
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Legal Clinic Column

Question: Our business leaders want to require all new employees who begin working with us to sign a noncompete agreement stating that they will not work with the competition for one year after leaving the job. They want to do this because we have been losing a lot of good workers to our competition recently. Is this something that is legally feasible?
How Much to Disclose? May 13, 2016