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Battle Line Drawn on Wellness Incentives
A recent court decision on the validity of wellness-incentive programs is just the "initial skirmish" in a long war over employees' disclosures of personal and family medical information, experts say.
Understanding the Revised I-9 Form
For employers of foreign national employees that may be subject to increased worksite inspections and I-9 enforcement during the Trump administration, understanding policy changes and ensuring ongoing compliance is critical.
Costly Compliance
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's final rules on becoming a model employer of people with disabilities could prove costly to some federal agencies.
Microunits: No Small Matter
The trend toward so-called microunits of union bargaining power has employers concerned, but could the incoming administration impact the standards under which they have proliferated?
Curtailing Credit Checks
A bill being considered by the D.C. Council Judiciary Committee would largely prohibit employers in the nation's capital from checking job applicants' credit histories. Experts predict we'll see similar legislation in other cities, but no movement at the federal level.
Competition vs. Accommodation
A recent U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision clarified an issue of disability and hiring for employers operating in that region, but experts say it does not deliver a clear-cut strategy nationwide.
New Approach to Age Bias
Study finds implementing mature-age practices the best means of engaging older workers and reducing stereotype threats, yet too few employers are adopting them.
Discrimination and the Independent Worker
A new study suggests evidence of discrimination among Lyft and Uber drivers. Experts urge HR leaders at organizations relying on independent workers to proceed with caution in addressing this issue.
Legal, Yes. But a Best Practice?
A ruling on dreadlocks provides the context for an interesting conundrum for employers: Should culture be included in the definition of race under Title VII?
Fiduciary Rule in Limbo?
Experts weigh in on the likelihood of a repeal or delay of the new fiduciary rule under a Trump administration -- and what it means for employers.
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Legal Clinic Column

Question: Can you give us a primer on the similarities and differences of employment-law process and practice when it comes to claims before the New York State Human Rights Law and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission? Can you also explain how these processes are different when we are dealing with discrimination cases that are in federal court?