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Debating Non-Competes
A new Treasury department report examines non-compete agreements and lays out several recommendations. Is it fair to employers or is there a hidden agenda?
The Future of Paid Sick Leave
Legal experts say an executive order mandating paid sick leave for federal contractors could be a sign of things to come for all U.S. employers. Here's what employers need to know.
Decoding DOL's Final Fiduciary Rule
Now that the Department of Labor has unveiled its long-awaited fiduciary rule, experts discuss the impact it will have on HR organizations going forward.
Pay Equity: New Pressures, New Strategies
More aggressive regulation for pay equity represents a stern call to action for employers to review their job and pay structures, as well as analyze pay differentials to ensure that they understand their data, with a focus on pay gaps and business-related factors that may or may not explain them.
More OSHA Changes Ahead
With the Occupational Safety and Health Administration rolling out a number of changes in the coming months, experts weigh in on the likely impact they will have on employers.
Getting Tough on Gender Bias
After the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a pair of lawsuits aimed at private employers over claims of sexual discrimination, experts say organizations need to be more aware of what's going on in their own workplaces.
Obama's HR Legacy
Regardless of how history will ultimately view President Obama's legacy, experts agree that his enormous impact on healthcare and the workplace won't be forgotten anytime soon.
Fighting the Backlash
As Anti-Muslim sentiment rises in the United States -- fueled both by recent criminal incidents and the current political climate -- the EEOC has a message for employers: We're watching.
Revisiting Workplace Retaliation
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is reviewing its guidance on workplace retaliation. Some experts say the guidelines simply reflect a codification of prior court decisions while others believe the EEOC is over-stretching its authority.
Preparing for New Overtime Rules
HR professionals need to be on top of the developments surrounding an overhaul to current white-collar exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
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Legal Clinic Column

Question: We are in the process of reviewing our company's handbook to make sure it contains the necessary policies required by law -- or at least the policies that are best practice to have. Can you let us know (1) what policies are required by law to have in a handbook and (2) what policies are just best practices for an employer to include in a handbook?