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Pregnancy-Discrimination Collision Course?
Though lauded by supporters, last week's EEOC pregnancy-discrimination guidance is being scrutinized by some critics over its timing.
Employers Blame Economy for Workers' Lawsuits
Despite an improving economy, more companies in a recent survey say economic conditions are pushing unhappy workers to file more lawsuits against their employers.
The DOMA Decision: One Year Later
One year after the Supreme Court struck down fundamental provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act, a recent survey finds a growing number of companies offering benefits to same-sex couples. And it's not just compliance with the law that's driving this increase, experts say.
Terminating At-Will Employees
Many HR executives believe they can terminate at-will employees for any reason whatsoever. Here's why they're wrong.
Taking Aim at Workplace Bullies
Tennessee's recent passage of a limited-in-scope Healthy Workplace Act begs the question: Will lawmakers from other states soon follow in its footsteps with something more substantial?
No More Working for Peanuts
The proliferation of unpaid interns over the past 20 years indicates that managers and HR types seem to have forgotten about the Fair Labor Standards Act -- or else, if they vaguely know about it, they somehow think it doesn't apply to them, experts say.
Separate Companies, Joint Employers?
The National Labor Relations Board recently announced that it's considering making changes in the National Labor Relations Act's long-held standards regarding joint employer relationships. Experts weigh in on what this could mean to the future of doing business.
Religion on Display
Recent research found employers are less likely to consider job candidates whose resumes highlighted involvement with religious organizations. Religious affiliations may not necessarily indicate a candidate's ability to do a particular job, but experts suggest it still would be prudent for hiring managers to put such experiences in the proper context.
Employment Law: Lessons from the World of Professional Sports
Over the past twelve months, several workplace issues have arisen in the world of professional sports, which should serve as reminders of every employer's obligations.
Same-Sex Benefits
Don't look now, but same-sex benefits just went from "cutting edge" to "needed yesterday." As a result, employers across the country must make immediate -- and in some cases, retroactive -- changes on a number of fronts, including tax withholding and eligibility for employee benefits.
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Legal Clinic Column

Question: There has been a lot of recent talk about social media with respect to employer monitoring of employees' social-media activity and, more specifically, what employers can and cannot ask employees related to their social-media activity. Can you please provide a summary of the recent developments in this area?