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The Curious Question of Cultural Fit
Discussions around cultural fit at an organization can sometimes involve certain euphemisms for what amounts to justifying prejudice, or at least, bias. Wharton experts debate whether cultural fit is simply a qualification for hiring or perhaps a disguise for bias.
Balancing Freedoms in the Workplace
A recent lawsuit filed in Michigan raises questions about how an employer can balance employees' religious freedoms with employees' sexual orientations.
Discrimination or Common Sense?
A recent appeals court ruling overturning an NLRB decision that favored workers wearing defamatory shirts in the workplace may signal a pushback against the Board's pro-workers agenda, experts say.
Get Ready for Quickie NLRB Elections
Here are 10 steps HR leaders should take to ensure their organizations are not caught off-guard by the National Labor Relations Board's new rules on union-election petitions.
The ADA at 25
It's now been a quarter century since the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law. Experts discuss the impact the ADA has had in its first 25 years, and how the Act figures to affect employers in the years ahead.
What's Your Disability Equality Index Score?
Approximately one in five people in the United States has some form of disability. Now, a new tool can help employers improve the effectiveness of their disability-inclusion practices.
Adjusting to the DOL's New Overtime Rules
Experts debate whether the proposed new overtime rules from the Department of Labor will help or hurt the very employees the agency seeks to protect.
HR and the Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
After last Friday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling that made marriage a fundamental right for same-sex couples, HR and employment-law experts weigh in about how HR may benefit from administrative improvements as well as face new challenges.
King v. Burwell: Now the Work Must Continue
The Supreme Court has handed down one of its most momentous decisions affecting employers in years, forcing many companies to move from a "wait-and-see" approach to a "hurry-up" mode when it comes to Affordable Care Act compliance.
Spreading Eastward?
A controversial new measure in San Francisco will impose new regulatory burdens on retailers there. But its supporters say it -- and similar measures being debated elsewhere -- are good for employees and for business.
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Legal Clinic Column

Question: Given the ever-increasing costs of employee benefits, our senior executives have asked whether we can reduce employee benefits as a cost-cutting measure. Can an employer take steps to reduce employee benefits in order to cut costs?