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Supreme Cases to Watch
From union dues to the scope of class-action lawsuits, the Supreme Court is set to take on several cases with potentially broad-reaching HR implications in its upcoming term.
Dealing with a Shutdown
Managers of federal employees may already be familiar with dealing with workers before and after a government shutdown, but there are some important things to keep in mind as a budget deal either gets brokered or broken in the coming weeks.
Confronting Off-site Harassment
Sexual harassment may occur more often in blue-collar environments and in off-site locations where HR enforcement may not be visible, but experts say the more proactive HR is in enforcing sexual-harassment policies and quickly following through on complaints, the better.
Health Plan Check-Up: Prepping for 2016
Here are some tips for HR leaders to help their organizations avoid penalties related to the Affordable Care Act's new reporting forms when they become due next year.
Gauging the Impact of Browning-Ferris
Employers may need to start re-examining some well-entrenched models -- such as contingent labor -- in light of the recent NLRB "joint-employer" decision.
Rethinking Class-Action Requirements
A recent 4th Circuit ruling in South Carolina could influence other courts to ease class-action certification requirements in the future.
Should Lawyers Get Overtime?
As the question is debated in court whether lawyers and other "learned professionals" are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act's rules on overtime pay, experts say the answer could have expensive implications for organizations.
The New Mr. Mom
A new survey finds more than half of young new fathers are taking advantage of their employers' parental-leave policies following the birth of a child, but experts say companies need to emphasize to both genders that there is no career disadvantage to making use of such programs.
The Curious Question of Cultural Fit
Discussions around cultural fit at an organization can sometimes involve certain euphemisms for what amounts to justifying prejudice, or at least, bias. Wharton experts debate whether cultural fit is simply a qualification for hiring or perhaps a disguise for bias.
Balancing Freedoms in the Workplace
A recent lawsuit filed in Michigan raises questions about how an employer can balance employees' religious freedoms with employees' sexual orientations.
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Question: I run two small but successful restaurants. While business has been good, costs are high, so margins are always tight. We are always looking for ways to lower our expenses. We pay the hourly staff minimum wage, but they often make much more than that after tips. May we change our hourly rate to below minimum wage since the tips often bring them over that threshold?