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Fair Play ... Or Not?
Employers debate the merits and challenges of changing domestic-benefits policy for employees living in states where same-sex marriage is legal.
Class Action 2.0
A recent Seyfarth Shaw report finds Rule 23 -- the federal law governing employee class-action lawsuits -- undergoing a "major transformation." What can HR do to help the organization defend costly class-action litigation?
Wrestling with the ACA's Reporting Requirements
A new survey finds many organizations are struggling with the reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act. Experts discuss ways HR leaders can get their organizations ahead of the compliance curve.
NLRB Makes Union Organizing Easier
The National Labor Relations Board recently caused some big headaches for employers when it ruled that employers generally have to give non-management employees access to the employer's own email system to communicate with each other at work regarding working conditions and possible union organizing.
Obama's SOTU Targets Worker Needs
In his sixth State of the Union address, the president covered a wide range of employment and labor issues, though experts don't expect many to ever see the light of day.
A GOP Effect on the NLRB?
For employers looking to blunt union-organizing efforts this year, the road to success just got even rockier, thanks to three recent National Labor Relations Board decisions. But will a Republican-controlled Congress provide any relief for employers?
The ACA and International Assignees
Large employers need to bear in mind the implications of international assignees and take steps to address compliance for their globally mobile employee base.
Security Screenings Settled?
The Supreme Court recently ruled in Amazon's favor on the long-debated issue of whether to pay employees during security screenings. But some legal experts believe the case also highlights an employee-morale issue, and predict that organizations need to address the issue through their overall compensation plans or else risk future lawsuits.
Job-Misclassification Woes
A class-action misclassification suit against Google is further evidence employers need to ensure their own employee-classification processes are current and compliant, legal experts say.
Biometrics in the Workplace
While the use of biometrics continues to emerge in the workplace, at least one group is pushing back against its use: employees.
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