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Redefining Title VII Protections
Sexual orientation doesn't fall under the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. But many experts expect that will soon change.
ACA Compliance: Takeaways from 2015 to Prep You for 2016
The 2015 Affordable Care Act reporting cycle has ended - and with it ended the IRS's leniency towards employers. HR leaders now face the threat of massive potential fines: up to $3 million for large employers. Download this At-A-Glance Guide to help improve your strategy for a smooth and successful second reporting cycle.
Outsourcing Benefits Administration. Am I Ready?
Are you ready to outsource your benefits administration? Empyrean makes the decision easier with this free eBook that covers the key concerns and issues you need to evaluate. It highlights the critical factors that typically drive the decision to outsource benefits administration or change providers.
Exposing the Top 5 Myths about Outsourcing Benefits Administration
Don't be misled by common myths regarding outsourcing your benefits administration. If you are deciding whether to outsource your benefits administration, read this free eBook from Empyrean. It will help you understand several misconceptions, sort out fact from fiction, and make a much more informed decision.
Conquer 3 Big Problems Holding Back HR
Is your company missing the technology that gets you out of administrative headaches and into becoming a more strategic asset to the organization? "Technology: The Catalyst to Heroic HR Performance" will walk you through the problems -- and the solution to making better, faster decisions to grow your business.
How to Create a Comp Budget
Read this new whitepaper on compensation budgeting and learn: the 4 critical elements of comp design, identifying and overcoming pay inequities, how to calculate raises.
Improving Access to HR Documents while Maintaining Security and Compliance
With ever--expanding HR responsibilities, controlling content is essential for many HR functions, including onboarding/off-boarding, benefits, employee file management and policies and procedures. In this whitepaper by Human Resource Executive, 'Controlling Content: An Ongoing HR Challenge,' we explore how eliminating paper and automating manual HR processes allows organizations to: ensure the security of files and data while supporting compliance efforts, provide instant access to employee documents, improve HR's level of service to employees.
How Much is Back Pain Costing Your Company?
Nearly one in four employees report experiencing lower back pain (LBP). This epidemic has taken a toll not just on the health and lives of workers, but on the companies and organizations for which they work. Given the extremely high incidence of LBP, it is little wonder that it is one of the greatest contributors to medical costs. As great as the medical costs of LBP are, though, the productivity costs are even greater.
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