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Getting Retirement-Ready
This article accompanies Plan Ahead.
A New Way to Reduce Pension Risks?
Ford says it has a better idea as it looks to "de-risk" its pension funding by offering lump-sum buyouts to retirees. The impact on HR could be significant among large employers, if this becomes a trend.
Countering the Retirement Crisis
It's not enough to expect workers to delay retirement as a way to stretch out their savings, says the head of the PBGC -- because they already are delaying retirement. Josh Gotbaum says his agency not only protects workers from losing assets because of failing pension plans, but also works with companies to maintain their voluntary private plans.
Preparing for Fee-Disclosure Rules
When the U.S. Department of Labor chose to require plan administrators and investment companies to disclose the costs associated with 401(k) plans, the prime goal was increased fee transparency.
Preparing for DOL Fee-Disclosure Rules
While the disclosures to plan participants don't begin until August, HR leaders should be communicating now with employees to make sure they understand that such fees already exist -- even if they haven't been disclosed before. HR leaders should also make sure their staff will be able to understand the disclosures they will receive from service providers -- and that such fees are "fair and reasonable."
Trading Pay for Benefits
A recent survey indicates an increasing fear among employees that a comfortable retirement may not be in the future. To help assuage that fear -- and the need for some predictability -- HR leaders need to step up their educational efforts and tools, as well as consider some creative benefit strategies.
Return of the Match
When one organization did more than just restore its 401(k) contribution-matching program after the recession, it found a great retirement-savings program can also be a great retention tool.
Managing Your DC Plan Can Get You Sued
There are a multitude of ways employers can be sued for their fiduciary responsibilities related to employee retirement plans. Here are some ways they can protect themselves.
Inspector General Faults PBGC's "Systemic" Failures
Following another report that finds fault with the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.'s audit processes and valuation of plan assets, the agency has cut most of its ties with one auditor and has promised to change procedures so that errors are prevented -- or corrected. Critics say it's about time the agency responded to problems.
A Look Back: At Employee Benefits
HR leaders continued to cope with healthcare-cost increases and the potential fallout of the healthcare-reform law. At the same time, preparing workers for retirement remained a problem.
An Annual Financial To-Do List
Here are a dozen actions employees can take before the end of this year to enhance their financial well-being.

This article accompanies Rescuing Retirement.
FYI: Retirement
What People Don't Know About Retirement
Rescuing Retirement
Amid employees' concerns and complaints, employers proceed with efforts to boost 401(k) participation.
Retiree Reinsurance Runs Out
A $5 billion fund to help employers pay for early retiree healthcare benefits was depleted well ahead of schedule, but experts say the impact on employers was minimal. Nearly half of the funding went to state and local governments, which have higher numbers of early retirees than the private sector.
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Benefits Column

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