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Employee Overconfidence About Retirement Plans
While the stock markets continue their rebound from the recessionary years, new research finds American workers are feeling more confident about their retirement prospects. But should they be?
Pushing the Employee-Savings Envelope
A recent survey suggests that employees may be more receptive to automatic defined-contribution increases than some employers think.
Help Your Women Retire
Studies and experts confirm men are in better positions to manage money and prepare for retirement, which puts some of the onus on employers to guide their female employees into viable existences for the remainder of their lives.
Visualizing Retirement
Getting employees to build an "emotional connection" with their future selves may be the key to getting them to save more for retirement.
A Matter of Culture
One of the best ways HR and benefits leaders can reach Hispanic American employees with retirement programs is to tailor them to balance specific cultural and financial needs.
Strength in Numbers
By participating in a multiple-employer retirement-savings plan, small- and medium-sized organizations can utilize economies of scale to save their employees from some burdensome fees. But that option comes with its own set of challenges.
FLSA Suits Hit Record High
Federal wage-and-hour lawsuits spike above 7,700 between April 2012 and March 2013, leading employment attorneys to emphasize the steps you should be taking to protect yourself.
Women Less Confident About Retirement
A new survey shows men are more confident than women about their retirement planning, not to mention their ability to retire overall; some argue pay and promotion discrepancy is a big factor.
Troubling Signs For Poor Workers
Studies show more employees are dipping into retirement funds to pay bills while EAP calls for financial advice and help moving to cheaper housing are on the rise. HR can help financially strapped employees by working to limit hardship withdrawals and increase counseling and communication.
"Serious Games" Help HR Explain Retirement Benefits
'Serious games' are now being designed to continuously motivate employees to play and increase their skill level -- as well as their knowledge of a topic -- each time they return, even when the games are built around a concept as dry as retirement planning.
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