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Measuring Wellbeing Analytics' Impact
HR leaders have long understood the linkage between healthier employees and critical business outcomes such as productivity, engagement and retention, but the proof has historically been qualitative. When it comes to organizational health, they've been forced to ponder: Does wellbeing really matter?
Hidden Benefits of Wellness Programs
Instead of simply focusing on dollars saved and pounds lost, a new study suggests HR professionals should expand their focus on weight-management programs to see how they can impact other critical factors such as employee engagement and retention.
Advances in Autism Awareness
With autism diagnoses on the rise, employers are expanding benefits offerings to help families struggling with the disorder.
Is Starbucks Leading or Following?
The coffee retailer recently moved 160,000 workers to a private health-insurance exchange, following a similar move by a few other high-profile organizations. But why haven't more companies embraced the new exchange model?
Reappraising Wellness Programs
New Society for Human Resource Management research finds most employers offering roughly the same amount of benefits as in past years, but also sees some companies stepping back to reassess the utility of certain health- and wellness-related benefits.
'Telemental' Health is Trending Upward
Research finds "telemental" health technologies are emerging to deliver mental-health services to employees in new ways. Experts extol the virtues of such approaches, but caution HR leaders to be mindful of the privacy concerns and other issues surrounding these services.
Juggling Paternal Rights and Job Duties
A new report uncovers some challenges men face when trying to make use of their company's parental-leave policies. Experts say incentives and managerial training are powerful tools to get more male workers to make use of such leave programs.
Exchanges Trigger Mixed Reaction
Now that private healthcare exchanges have been around for several years, have they been delivering on their key promise to help large employers control or lower healthcare costs?
Trouble with Transparency in Health Pricing
A high-profile study suggests that medical price-shopping tools don't cut health-care costs. But they still have real -- and growing -- value for companies, many experts say.
Unleashing the Power of Trust
Research shows that people with higher levels of trust in their plan provider are more likely to demonstrate greater financial courage. So how can HR and benefit leaders make that happen?
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Benefits Column

President Trump's executive orders have inspired many companies to respond in a public way, highlighting an opportunity for employers to tout their benefits programs as differentiators in a crowded market for talent.