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Biometrics in the Workplace
While the use of biometrics continues to emerge in the workplace, at least one group is pushing back against its use: employees.
Pressing for PBM Transparency
Recent recommendations from a Department of Labor federal advisory panel are giving a boost to the decade-long effort by corporate employee-health plans to get more information from pharmacy benefit managers.
The ACA and the Bottom Line
Four years after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, a new survey looks into how the healthcare law has affected organizations' budgets and employment strategies.
Wellness and the Bottom Line
The results of a five-year study find that wellness plans need to include employee incentives and disease management in order to produce real savings at an organizational level.
Low Grades for Benefits Education
With a new survey finding only a third of employees happy with the level of benefits education provided by their employers, experts offer ways HR leaders can better inform their workforces about making the best benefits choices for their needs.
A New Trend in Wellness
When it comes to determining the return-on-investment from wellness, a growing number of companies appear to be looking at factors other than medical-cost reduction.
In the Dark
Although storing and sharing important information about benefits spending has become easier and more affordable through cloud technology, a new survey finds benefit managers at global companies remain in the dark about employee-benefit spending regarding core insurance plans.
Class Appeal
Although Starbucks is getting a lot of attention for the new tuition-assistance program it offers employees, at least one other company offers even-more-generous educational benefits.
Same-Sex Benefits
Don't look now, but same-sex benefits just went from "cutting edge" to "needed yesterday." As a result, employers across the country must make immediate -- and in some cases, retroactive -- changes on a number of fronts, including tax withholding and eligibility for employee benefits.
There's More to Wellness Program ROI than Medical-Cost Savings
The value conversation about wellness programs needs to encompass factors beyond medical savings, driving the health-management industry to find new ways to show employers the return on investment.
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Benefits Column

With many working-age Americans struggling to find positions that pay them fairly and appropriately for their knowledge, skills and abilities, bear in mind that a strong benefits package can bring respect to the employment process as well.
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