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The Flexibility Bias
A new study shows workplace bias against those who use flexible-work arrangements -- often for child-care needs -- may increase employee dissatisfaction even among those who don't have children. But can HR help to eradicate such bias within an organization?
Taking a New Route
After California recently enacted a law mandating that larger employers in San Francisco offer commuter benefits, legal experts say other metro areas may not be far behind.
Financial Wellness as Recruiting Tool
If healthcare coverage is no longer dependent on one's job status or place of work -- thanks to the Affordable Care Act -- how can businesses establish a competitive edge in the benefits arena?
HBLC Opens in Vegas
From a history lesson on the origins of employee benefits to updates on how Washington's latest legislative efforts involving the Affordable Care Act may affect both employers and employees, the opening day of the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference offered something for everyone.
Mobility and the ACA
With the individual and employer mandates approaching, new concerns are emerging around the healthcare-reform law's potential impact on globally mobile workers and their organizations.
EAPs Not Covered By ACA Umbrella
At least through the end of the year, many employee-assistance programs are now considered exempt from regulations under the Affordable Care Act, thanks to a set of proposed rules set forth by three federal agencies. Experts say the move should free employers to continue offering an important add-on benefit.
Study: PepsiCo's Wellness Program Falls Flat
A new study of the soft-drink giant's wellness program finds it costs more money than it saves in reduced healthcare costs, but experts say such programs can still provide value apart from financial considerations.
Changing the Menu
Transparency regulations and lawsuits are leading many defined-contribution plan sponsors to not only cut costs, but alter their plans' investment offerings. However, experts recommend they tread carefully.
Redefining the 'Spouse'
After the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down, it created elation in some circles and consternation in others. While the ruling may ease some administrative burdens, it also creates some new HR challenges and yet-to-be answered questions.
Healthier Wellness Communications
Employees aren't getting enough information about their employers' wellness programs and other benefits, a new survey shows. Experts share innovative ways to heal the employee disconnect.
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There is a long consideration list to review before making the move to a private exchange. If you don't like the current blueprint for exchanges, express your opinion and wait. Things may shift again soon.