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Health Plan Check-Up: Prepping for 2016
Here are some tips for HR leaders to help their organizations avoid penalties related to the Affordable Care Act's new reporting forms when they become due next year.
Raising Wellness Awareness
As it turns out, "If you build it, they will come" doesn't always hold true when it comes to employers' health and wellness programs. Here's how to get more workers into your programs so they can get more out of them.
Increasing HR's DOL-Audit Awareness
When it comes to audits of organizations' employee-benefit plans, a recent federal report shows there's much more work to be done, and experts say HR leaders can play a vital role in defending against threats to workers' nest eggs.
EAP 2.0
Employee-assistance programs just aren't what they used to be -- and that's good news for both employers and workers.
Coaching Millennials on Health
New research finds millennials more open than other generations to having their managers play an active role in encouraging them to get healthy. How can HR make the most of this opportunity?
Wellness-Incentive Guidance on the Way
By Mark McGraw
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently proposed a rule designed to provide guidance on the legal use of financial incentives to encourage participation in wellness programs. Experts say employers largely welcome the direction, but must be aware of the changes the new regulations may bring.
PTO Debate Takes Off
Now that Microsoft announced the vendors it works with must also provide paid-time off leave to their employees, experts predict the move may change the PTO landscape.
Declining HSA Contributions Connected to ACA?
A recent survey finds employers are scaling back their contributions to employees' health-savings accounts, but experts differ over the effect the nation's new healthcare law has had on such accounts.
HBLC 2015: Moving the Needle in Benefits
Speakers at this year's Health & Benefits Leadership Conference explore the challenges and opportunities facing wellness, retirement security and more.
FMLA Redefines the Family Relationship
A recent update to the FMLA extends family and medical-leave rights to eligible workers in same-sex marriages. So, what does this new definition of spouse mean for HR?
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Benefits Column

Last July, our benefits columnist gained firsthand knowledge of what it's like to move through the healthcare system after surviving being struck by a car. Here are a few of the lessons that accident taught her about the healthcare experience and what needs to change.