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Mobility and the ACA
With the individual and employer mandates approaching, new concerns are emerging around the healthcare-reform law's potential impact on globally mobile workers and their organizations.
Report: Dumping Spousal Coverage May Not Save Money
A new Employee Benefit Research Institute report says employers may end up spending more money on healthcare coverage if neighboring employers dump their more-costly spouses onto their plans.
The Rise of Consumerism?
Recent research reveals employees with health savings accounts are slowly becoming better consumers when it comes to buying medical care. Here's what HR can do to ride that wave to a healthier workforce.
Avoiding a Penalty on 'Play or Pay'
While the IRS granted large employers an extra year before facing possible penalties under the employer shared responsibility provisions of the Affordable Care Act, there is still plenty of conditioning for HR to do in preparation for the 2015 season.
The Great Migration
Within a few years, millions of employees will likely receive their health benefits through private exchanges. At Darden Restaurants, this is already happening.
Unions May Disrupt ACA Transition
Legal experts say the unions may have the upper hand over organizations when it comes to implementing portions of the Affordable Care Act.
The ACA Waiting Game
Surprised by the sudden postponement in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act's mandatory employer and insurer reporting requirements, experts weigh in on ways employers can take advantage of the delay and what the future requirements may involve.
Made-To-Order Benefit Packages?
New research finds millennials may need to be persuaded to join their organizations' health plans. Here's how HR can help raise enrollment rates among this demographic.
Putting the Brakes on Healthcare Spending
A recent PwC report suggests healthcare spending rates are slowing down, defying post-recession patterns. While experts say the drop could just be a natural leveling off, more organizations may begin to make bigger, bolder changes to benefit plan designs in an effort to keep costs trending down.
Starting Your Healthcare Reform Communications
HR could very easily meet its obligation by sending out a canned notice about employee-coverage options before Oct. 1, but taking the time to explain the changing benefits landscape will limit the amount of time you have to spend on follow-up questions later.
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Benefits Column

There is a long consideration list to review before making the move to a private exchange. If you don't like the current blueprint for exchanges, express your opinion and wait. Things may shift again soon.