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Court's Ruling Looms Large
HR leaders need to prepare for all scenarios as they await the Supreme Court's decision on King v. Burwell, a case that, depending upon how the high court rules, could have a dramatic impact on the Affordable Care Act.
Dependent Care's Disappearing Act?
With its recent tax-reform plan, the White House is seeking to eliminate flexible spending accounts related to caring for children and aging parents, while also trying to broaden current limitations. Experts discuss the HR aspects of the proposed changes and how they would affect employees -- and their loved ones.
Wrestling with the ACA's Reporting Requirements
A new survey finds many organizations are struggling with the reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act. Experts discuss ways HR leaders can get their organizations ahead of the compliance curve.
The ACA and International Assignees
Large employers need to bear in mind the implications of international assignees and take steps to address compliance for their globally mobile employee base.
A Rising Trend
With the prices for some generic drugs skyrocketing, what can employers do? Some experts suggest making plan participants more price-conscious.
Beefing Up Weight-Management Programs
A recent report suggests innovation is needed for employer-sponsored weight-control programs to succeed. What can employers and HR do better in order to help weight-loss initiatives really get up and running?
The ACA and the Bottom Line
Four years after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, a new survey looks into how the healthcare law has affected organizations' budgets and employment strategies.
'Game-Changing' Cancer Benefit Launching
By Kristen B. Frasch
SAP will soon be offering employees a first-of-its-kind personalized tumor-analysis and treatment-option benefit. Experts weigh in on its prognosis.
Measuring the ACA's Impact
Figuring out the true impact of the Affordable Care Act can be a tricky proposition for employers both large and small, but experts agree that you can't manage costs if you don't know what they are.
Navigating Narrow Networks
Narrow networks, aka high-performance networks, are luring employers due to their potential for cost savings and better healthcare delivery, but they present HR challenges, as well.
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Benefits Column

A conversation with employee-wellness expert Bob Merberg reveals that paid leave -- a topic President Obama brought up in his State of the Union in January as he pushed for passage of the Healthy Families Act -- is not only beneficial for workers and their families, but good for employers too.
A Matter of Dignity Jan 14, 2015