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Benefits in the Age of Goop
In an open letter to Gwyneth Paltrow, HRE's benefits columnist weighs in on the Hollywood actress and lifestyle guru's popular wellness platform and what it could mean for employers.
Employers Show Us Their Values
Company values and the impact they have on the business seem to be constantly in the news these days, from Uber's bad-boy Travis Kalanick to Starbuck's compassionate Executive Chairman (and former CEO) Howard Schultz. HR leaders should consider revisiting their organization's value statement and making it a guiding principle for their employee-benefits design.
Bring Change to Mind
Mental-health issues are a leading cause of employee health, productivity and absence issues. Employers are often the first line of assistance in helping workers and their dependents receive the care they need.
Radical Transparency in Healthcare Benefits
Employers are becoming more transparent on a number of fronts these days. Should benefits selection and design be one of them? Janet McNichol, the human resources director of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, believes the answer is yes and is backing it up by allowing employees to work together to redesign ASLHA's network-only health plan.
The Care and Feeding of Employees
Wellness expert Bob Merberg believes good food shouldn't be something employers are trying to convert employees to eat. Instead, he says, employer-provided food represents a need companies should be seeking to accommodate.
Giving Employees Access to Top Care
Offering workers and their families the ability to go to medical centers of excellence for complicated health situations can reap huge rewards for both the employee and the employer.
New Focus on Flexibility
Five years ago, when HRE was celebrating its 25th anniversary, workplace flexibility was not nearly as paramount to employers as it is today.
Flexing the Workplace
HR executives who want to compete for a modern workforce need to consider weaving some element of flexibility into their culture to win the attraction-and-retention game.
Responding to Changing Times
President Trump's executive orders have inspired many companies to respond in a public way, highlighting an opportunity for employers to tout their benefits programs as differentiators in a crowded market for talent.
Helping Them See What They Get
A conversation with a group of high-performing undergraduates underscores the need for employers and HR to more effectively personalize the value of their healthcare offerings when speaking to first-time employees.
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