story feed 2017-12-14T13:06:14Z 2017-12-14T13:06:14Z Training Harassment's First Responders 2017-12-13T12:58:11Z 2017-12-13T12:58:11Z By Phillippe Weiss The near-daily headlines of sexual misconduct and harassment have shaken the nation's biggest companies. Here are a few strategies organizations can adopt to avoid becoming unwitting harassment enablers of bad behavior. 2017-12-13T12:58:11Z Let My People Go Surfing 2017-12-12T11:44:57Z 2017-12-12T11:44:57Z Does any company operate in a way that properly addresses the hot-button topics of the past year? The answer to that question can be found in the 10th anniversary edition of a book written by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia. 2017-12-12T11:44:57Z Creating a Culture of Well-Being: Successful Employee Programs Built to Last 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z Employee Engagement Software: Why Culture-Building Solutions Are the New Black 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z Choice Plan GPS 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z Improving and Innovating in HR 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z RPO 3.0: Overcoming Global Talent Shifts 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z 2017-12-11T16:22:10Z Year in Review 2017-12-11T15:37:34Z 2017-12-11T15:37:34Z By David Shadovitz, Editor 2017-12-11T15:37:34Z Key Drivers of Retention 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z Making the List 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z Getting to the Source 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z By Larry Stevens Recruiters know that locating the best candidates is a time-consuming process that can be likened to finding a needle in a haystack. But what if they knew which haystacks were more likely to be hiding that needle. How much simpler and effective might their jobs be? 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z Targeting Your Retention Strategy 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z By Beverly Kaye, Cile Johnson and Lynn Cowart Many CHROs are rigorously determining which positions give their companies a competitive edge. Their next step should be modifying what they're doing to hold on to the top performers who fill those key roles. 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z Fixed on the Future 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z By Will Bunch EY recently launched a series of new digitally enabled talent initiatives aimed at addressing the needs of a rapidly changing business environment . . . and workforce. 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z The People Equation 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z By Melissa Swift and Marc Gasperino Any company can become digitally mature, but transforming an organization into one that's digitally sustainable is another matter entirely -- and requires the full support of HR. 2017-12-11T14:50:56Z Rethinking Telework 2017-12-11T09:34:07Z 2017-12-11T09:34:07Z By Carol Patton A handful of large employers are now bringing their teleworkers back in-house. Will others follow? 2017-12-11T09:34:07Z Breaking the Silence 2017-12-07T12:26:18Z 2017-12-07T12:26:18Z By Knowledge@Wharton Experts debate whether the current public discussion about sexual harassment will lead to cultural shifts in which all individuals can safely raise claims about abusive treatment at work. 2017-12-07T12:26:18Z High Court Docket: Unions, Overtime 2017-12-06T13:03:41Z 2017-12-06T13:03:41Z By Carol Patton The Supreme Court's decisions on two upcoming employment-law cases could end up weakening organized labor and impacting overtime for some workers, legal experts say. 2017-12-06T13:03:41Z Guide: Stay on Top of Key Federal Employment Tax Requirements 2017-12-05T17:21:07Z 2017-12-05T17:21:07Z Nine U.S. states currently dont require income tax withholding on wages. Is your organization impacted? Download the Payroll 101 Compliance Guide. 2017-12-05T17:21:07Z Cybersecurity Skills Shortage 2017-12-05T14:07:30Z 2017-12-05T14:07:30Z By Carol Patton In response to the rise of hacking incidents, some companies are building their own in-house cybersecurity talent pools, while others are creating hybrid positions that require some technical skills and a solid understanding of business models and strategies. 2017-12-05T14:07:30Z Driving Growth Through the Advancement of Women in Tech 2017-12-04T12:07:43Z 2017-12-04T12:07:43Z 2017-12-04T12:07:43Z