story feed 2017-04-29T03:34:59Z 2017-04-29T03:34:59Z Getting Financially Fit 2017-04-27T10:42:51Z 2017-04-27T10:42:51Z By Julie Cook Ramirez New research finds employers are stepping up to help workers become more financially savvy as they embrace the role they can play in helping to improve their workers' financial well-being. 2017-04-27T10:42:51Z A Practical Guide to Simplifying HR Service Delivery 2017-04-26T17:41:52Z 2017-04-26T17:41:52Z ServiceNow Imagine if you could break free from time-consuming manual activities - such as answering benefits inquiries or coordinating employee onboarding tasks. What could you achieve? 2017-04-26T17:41:52Z Hey, Your Bias is Showing 2017-04-26T17:41:52Z 2017-04-26T17:41:52Z Hogan Assessments As IQ determines someone's capacity to comprehend new information, a person's judgment determines whether they will make smart decisions. "Hey, Your Bias is Showing" will help you learn how decision fatigue and your natural biases may be hindering your judgment, and how you can regain control of the decisions you make. 2017-04-26T17:41:52Z The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow 2017-04-26T17:41:52Z 2017-04-26T17:41:52Z ServiceNow Forrester concluded that ServiceNow has the following three-year financial impact. See how in this infographic. 2017-04-26T17:41:52Z Behavioral Health Goes Mobile 2017-04-26T08:59:17Z 2017-04-26T08:59:17Z By Mark McGraw Recent research finds employers are focusing more closely on helping employees manage their mental-health needs, and are turning to technology to aid in that effort. 2017-04-26T08:59:17Z How to Bully-proof the Workplace 2017-04-25T09:31:48Z 2017-04-25T09:31:48Z In an interview with Knowledge@Wharton, the authors of a new book discuss ways organizations can start a conversation about -- and hopefully end -- workplace bullying. 2017-04-25T09:31:48Z HR in the Unfriendly Skies 2017-04-24T10:59:30Z 2017-04-24T10:59:30Z By Carol Patton With airline-related confrontations going viral on an almost daily basis, experts say HR plays a critical role in defusing future confrontations before they ever start. 2017-04-24T10:59:30Z Has HR Tech Been Changing? Do You Think? 2017-04-24T09:23:00Z 2017-04-24T09:23:00Z In the last five years alone, HR technology has moved from one era to another. The cloud, social applications in the enterprise, analytics and mobile are changing its course for everyone. 2017-04-24T09:23:00Z Tackling the Problems of Inadequate Sleep and Sleep Disorders 2017-04-21T11:29:37Z 2017-04-21T11:29:37Z 2017-04-21T11:29:37Z Creating a Culture of Health 2017-04-20T09:21:26Z 2017-04-20T09:21:26Z By Mark McGraw First-day sessions at this year's Health & Benefits Leadership Conference stressed the importance of focusing on creating an environment that encourages employees to adopt healthy behaviors without trying to force change upon them. 2017-04-20T09:21:26Z Getting Schooled 2017-04-19T09:31:24Z 2017-04-19T09:31:24Z By Andrew R. McIlvaine Just as the increasingly sophisticated nature of many jobs makes education more important than ever, a recent survey finds that 41 percent of employers are sending current workers back to school to get advanced degrees, with some even offering to foot the tuition bill. 2017-04-19T09:31:24Z The Politics Behind H1-Bs 2017-04-17T08:53:05Z 2017-04-17T08:53:05Z Despite what you might hear from political pundits these days, the H1-B program isn't about immigration. It's about temporary workers, and a new study finds that bringing in foreign workers slows down the process through which the U.S. labor market adjusts to new demands. 2017-04-17T08:53:05Z United Has a Culture Problem 2017-04-13T09:11:36Z 2017-04-13T09:11:36Z By Kevin Oakes Until United CEO Oscar Munoz fixes vital aspects of United's corporate culture, expect to see more negative viral videos and tweet storms about the airline. 2017-04-13T09:11:36Z Courts Boost LGBT Protections 2017-04-11T08:20:25Z 2017-04-11T08:20:25Z By Jack Robinson A federal appeals court in Chicago is the latest to rule that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 covers sexual orientation. Despite conflicting decisions, some lawyers say the legal issue is nearly settled. 2017-04-11T08:20:25Z A World of Change 2017-04-10T10:07:17Z 2017-04-10T10:07:17Z By Michael J. O'Brien In an exclusive interview with HRE , Scott Cawood, the new president and CEO of WorldatWork, shares his views on the many HR challenges facing organizations today -- including his own. 2017-04-10T10:07:17Z A Question of Trust 2017-04-10T09:03:56Z 2017-04-10T09:03:56Z Trust in the foundational institutions of our lives is at an all-time low, according to recent reports. So why should HR executives care about whether workers trust their employers? 2017-04-10T09:03:56Z How Long is a 'Reasonable' Amount of Time? 2017-04-07T12:25:19Z 2017-04-07T12:25:19Z How long is a reasonable amount of time for a worker to be out on leave during which we have to keep her job open for her? Is indefinite leave a "reasonable accommodation"? 2017-04-07T12:25:19Z Can HR Tech Level the Playing Field? 2017-04-05T14:44:05Z 2017-04-05T14:44:05Z HR leaders are increasingly focusing on inclusion, equity and fairness as new tools are taking the manual work out of analyzing and making recommendations to business leaders. 2017-04-05T14:44:05Z Colleen Zanicchi 2017-04-04T10:47:53Z 2017-04-04T10:47:53Z 2017-04-04T10:47:53Z Paula King 2017-04-04T10:47:53Z 2017-04-04T10:47:53Z Vice President of Human Resources Universities Space Research Association 2017-04-04T10:47:53Z