How Employees Perceive Recognition
A recent survey finds that half of nearly 900 workers feel valued, but fewer employees feel they're properly recognized for their efforts. Experts say HR leaders need to better communicate rewards to employees and find ways to provide kudos that go beyond the financial.
Microsoft CEO Touts Equal Pay after Apology

It seems Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella (at right) is still in apologetic mode after making some ill-advised comments at a recent conference that, in essence, discouraged female employees from asking for raises.



Inside HR Tech

Organizations can do a better job working with their providers of HR technology -- and thereby drive improved business outcomes -- by following the five simple tips below.
A 3-D View Sep 5, 2014


Some employers -- those that understand today's health-and-benefits model isn't working -- are beginning to take a new approach, one that goes beyond insurance products and under-utilized programs to offer workers the real-life help they need, right when they need it.
Working with Wearables Sep 22, 2014

HR Technology

What a great event thousands of you have been enjoying for 16 years! Meeting and talking with old friends, making new ones, learning great stuff in the sessions and hallways, discovering new gems on the expo floor. No longer co-chair, I finally got to join you this year and attend my first HR Tech conference, where everyone was talking predictive analytics.

Talent Management

While the idea that employers would co-invest in an employee's education is certainly not a new one, IBM has begun retraining its workers with an old-school -- and perhaps replicable -- approach.

HR Leadership

While there are some undeniable benefits associated with a formalized licensing process for HR professionals -- including a likely rise in compensation -- they are easily overshadowed by reasons for not pursuing such a path.

Legal Clinic

Question: We are a very social office. Many of our supervisors go out drinking with employees on Fridays and we hear that at times things can get a little raunchy when people are drunk. Can this off-work behavior result in potential liability for the company?
Sick-Leave Policies Sep 24, 2014
HR's Role in Safeguarding PHI
With the constant proliferation of protected health information, HR teams need a thorough understanding of where it exists, its security risks and the appropriate data-protection obligations.
Where Has HR Gone?
HR departments today have an uphill battle just getting replacements for team members who leave, yet a new study finds that, despite anticipated growth, companies are expecting to reduce their HR staff.
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