A Legislative Victory for Employers
A coalition of business groups can savor -- for now -- the demise of a proposal in Congress to cap long-established health-insurance tax exemptions worth billions of dollars annually to employers and employees.
Where’s the Best Place to Interview?
Glassdoor’s released its annual Candidates’ Choice Awards for the 100 Best Places to Interview, and topping the list are three companies that are hardly household names: #1 is Dignity Health, followed by Horizon Media at No.
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HR Technology

As part of my 17th annual Silicon Valley summer vendor tour, I spent Aug. 2 in briefings with a dozen Workday executives in Pleasanton, Calif. Some of what I learned will be in my annual "horse race" feature (now renamed "steeplechase") posting just before the HR Technology Conference® & Expo in October. Some of the company's latest strategy and developments are below.

Talent Management

Recent advances in technology have made some HR tasks easier while making others infinitely more complex. So how will these digital transformations change organizations and the workplace?

Inside HR Tech

The annual release of a "must-read" report holds some interesting findings for HR tech professionals in the areas of mobile devices, cloud computing and the use of gamification for learning and development.
Coming Attractions May 9, 2017

HR Leadership

What should an HR executive do when their CEO or another top executive relies on a close friend and colleague who may be giving out ill-advised or misplaced advice?
A Cry for Help Jun 7, 2017


Mental-health issues are a leading cause of employee health, productivity and absence issues. Employers are often the first line of assistance in helping workers and their dependents receive the care they need.

Legal Clinic

Question: I just started at a new company and they have many more leave policies than the small organization where I used to work. I'm really confused with how all these policies interact: short-term disability, long-term disability, FMLA leave, etc. Can you explain what each of these policies are and how they are typically implemented? Do they run together? Do employees get paid while on each of these leaves?
4 Ways HR Can Accomplish More with Less
Here are four technology-related best practices that HR teams should keep in mind as they seek to accomplish more with less throughout the entirety of the employee lifecycle.
Is Your Culture Working For or Against You?
Today's leaders face a new era of corporate reputational risk from both inside and outside their walls, making it more important than ever to articulate and embed a shared purpose and set of values that will serve as a guiding light during troubled times.
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