Decoding Disability Discrimination
New research uncovers biases against disabled applicants in the hiring process, while experts say HR needs to play a frontline role in helping recruiters and managers overcome any stigma they may have attached to people with disabilities.
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HR Leadership

A best practice for recruiting workers in the food-service industry is likely to be the worst practice possible when recruiting engineers for missile-defense systems. So how can HR choose the best approach for a particular organization or industry? It's all about context.

Inside HR Tech

In evaluating HR-technology solutions, HR leaders would be well-served to consider the user experience from a number of different angles.
Bullish on the Future Sep 29, 2015


When tragic events such as last week's terrorist attacks in the City of Lights unfold, employees are naturally going to look to their employers for information, direction and comfort. Are you ready to respond?
Retirement Innovations Oct 19, 2015

HR Technology

After so many analysts, bloggers and vendor-marketing writers have already weighed in on the HR Tech Conference, here is my best (and different) experience: an extended conversation with a leading HCM provider in the Middle East and my observation that Japan's leading HCM vendor was also at the Expo. Where else does the HCM world come together but at HR Tech?

Talent Management

Whenever the topic of getting rid of performance appraisals pops up in a gathering of business people, the strongest objections to change seem to come from HR people. They should start quieting those objections.

Legal Clinic

Question: I am an employer located in New York City, and I've heard that there are some recent developments in the use of credit checks by employers. My company's policy is to run credit checks as part of the background-check process on all applicants who receive a conditional offer of employment. Can we continue to run these credit checks without any restrictions?
Four Tips to Raise Your Leadership Bar
A new study finds more than half of executives worldwide agree that problems with talent and skills are affecting business performance. In other words, a company's level of revenue growth is affected by how well -- or poorly -- they are developing their leaders.
Parsing the Job-Engagement Paradox
Employees are committed for now, but many of them would happily move on tomorrow. Employers face a loss of key talent, and the threat of being left with too many disaffected workers who can drain productivity and morale.
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