The Performance-Management Divide
A new global survey of 2,100 leaders and employees highlights the continued disparity between the number of organizations that want to move past traditional performance management and those that actually make the leap.
Trade Secrets Law has Broad Effects
If you’re not tuned into the world of intellectual property, you may not have heard of the federal “Defend Trade Secrets Act.” But the new law has effects so sweeping that most large companies will be affected, experts say.
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Inside HR Tech

Here are five key factors to consider when using HR technology in an effort to achieve greater organizational success.


According to a May 2015 Federal Reserve survey, approximately half of Americans cannot afford a $400 emergency expense without selling something or borrowing money. How should employers consider their role in helping employees during times of financial hardship?

HR Technology

Between Oracle HCM World in Chicago and SAP SuccessFactors' second annual HCM Influencer Summit in San Francisco, I attended the first HR Tech China in Zhuhai: 12 time zones away from home so exactly half-way around the world. But it felt like Silicon Valley.

Talent Management

Approximately 15 percent of people who are in the current labor force are working under an alternative arrangement, as opposed to "regular" employment. Does this mean there is a new normal in the working economy?

HR Leadership

HR leaders play a critical role in creating a culture where employees can bring forward new ideas. But when it comes to voicing a point of view about non-HR aspects of the business, far too many in the profession are reluctant to do so, even when they have something valuable to share.

Legal Clinic

Question: We are in the process of reviewing our company's handbook to make sure it contains the necessary policies required by law -- or at least the policies that are best practice to have. Can you let us know (1) what policies are required by law to have in a handbook and (2) what policies are just best practices for an employer to include in a handbook?
Choosing an HR Software Partner
Over the past five years, more than $4.5 billion has been invested in HR software companies, and the size of the market is estimated to reach $9.2 billion by 2020. Here's a guide to help you choose the right HR software partner for your organization's needs.
Pay Equity: New Pressures, New Strategies
More aggressive regulation for pay equity represents a stern call to action for employers to review their job and pay structures, as well as analyze pay differentials to ensure that they understand their data, with a focus on pay gaps and business-related factors that may or may not explain them.
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