In Pursuit of a
Post-College Career
While two recent studies report overall college hiring is significantly up, experts suggest not everyone is benefiting from today's more candidate-friendly environment.
DOJ’s Move to Protect Transgender Individuals

Even if you’re not a state or local public employer, you still might want to make note of the following news out of the Justice Department yesterday.



Inside HR Tech

As HR executives turn the calendar page, here are several areas of opportunity for using HR-tech solutions to help solve some of their organizations' more pressing challenges.

HR Technology

Founders who sell their companies rarely stay around long after being acquired. Co-founder and CEO of the former Kenexa Rudy Karsan sold his company to IBM more than two years ago. But now that the combined IBM Kenexa Talent Management Suite is out the door, he's left to continue trying to save the world.

Talent Management

How can you lure top talent away from Silicon Valley and other tech centers? Offer them things they can't get there, such as the ability to walk to work, own a house and be part of an affordable, urban community.
A 'Creepy' Benefit Nov 3, 2014

HR Leadership

A visit to the recent HR Technology Conference and Expostion® in Las Vegas underscores a need for HR executives to get better versed in the latest technological trends -- especially predictive analytics -- and their impact on organizations.
On Karma and Comp Oct 27, 2014


In light of the recent Ebola scare, employers might be well-served to revisit their policies and procedures -- and prepare in advance for the next potential epidemic.
Working with Wearables Sep 22, 2014

Legal Clinic

Question: As we embark on the holiday party season, I would like a refresher on what sorts of things I need to be aware of when my company hosts a holiday party. At last year's party, one of our supervisors had a little too much to drink and became a bit too "friendly" with his staff. No one came forward and complained, but this supervisor's conduct was the subject of some office gossip the next few weeks. I'd like to have a better understanding of the liability that a company could face because of actions taken at a holiday party, and I also would appreciate some tips on how best to prevent issues from arising at a party.
Biometrics in the Workplace
While the use of biometrics continues to emerge in the workplace, at least one group is pushing back against its use: employees.
5 HR Errors That Can Invalidate a Noncompete Agreement
Enforcement by employers of non-competition agreements against former employees can be made even more difficult when HR fails to catch these five simple errors.
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