Closing HR Skills Gaps
Addressing federal hiring and strengthening the HR community are just two of the priorities of the Chief Human Capital Officers Council going into the new year.
Employers Offering ‘Insurance on Insurance’
The Wall Street Journal site posted a very interesting piece that explores the trend of employers offering “gap policies” to workers to help them cover unexpected out-of-pocket costs associated with their healthcare insurance.
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HR Technology

ADP has long (and justifiably) complained about being the fourth after our Big Three HCM vendors. Are you surprised to learn that Kronos follows them as the fifth? After making its bones building and renting time clocks, that's a difficult transition to make, especially changing public perception. But in more than annual revenue, Kronos has finally done it, and here's how.

Talent Management

Talent acquisition and rising quit rates are all the talk in HR circles these days. But in today's labor market, there's evidence that job hopping is actually declining and people are staying in their jobs longer. What's really going on?

Inside HR Tech

As processes and technologies evolve, recruitment marketing is taking an important new place at the intersection of HR technology and marketing.
A Three-Prong Lens Oct 24, 2016

HR Leadership

While a Trump presidency will inevitably have a noticeable impact on employment and labor policy, HR leaders shouldn't be tempted to make changes just because a new administration says it's legal to now do so.


For decades, small businesses have been neglected by large employee-benefits-service companies. But there are now a couple of vendors working to fill that void.
Sparking a Revolution Oct 17, 2016

Legal Clinic

Question: There has been a lot of activity recently in the realm of pay-equity legislation. Can you please provide a recap of the current state of pay-equity legislation in California and New York, specifically? Can you also give some practical strategies/guidance for keeping companies in compliance?
Measuring Wellbeing Analytics' Impact
HR leaders have long understood the linkage between healthier employees and critical business outcomes such as productivity, engagement and retention, but the proof has historically been qualitative. When it comes to organizational health, we've been forced to ponder: Does wellbeing really matter?
Is L&D Function Still Valuable?
The idea of elevating the learning-and-development function in a company may seem like an impossible task, but here are some ways to get started down that path.
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