Rise of the 'Supertasker'
A recent report from Cisco predicts that a much different workforce will be dominant by 2020, one that will create more HR challenges for organizations trying to keep up with their younger workers' habits and abilities.
The Hanging Gardens of the Future

If you’ve always wished you could have visited the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,  perhaps you’ll take heart from “Organic Grid+,” the winner of an architectural contest to design the “Workplace of the Future.” Designed by London-based architects Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson, Organic Grid+ is […]

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Talent Management

A new study suggests MBA students no longer have the freedom to try out careers, but must, instead, choose their directions early on -- and have industry and intern experience behind them.
Betting on Retention Dec 29, 2014

HR Leadership

When HR executives serve as coaches to their CEOs, it means helping them get their talent strategy right. But just as important, it also means letting CEOs know when they're making mistakes.
On Karma and Comp Oct 27, 2014


With many working-age Americans struggling to find positions that pay them fairly and appropriately for their knowledge, skills and abilities, bear in mind that a strong benefits package can bring respect to the employment process as well.
Learning from Ebola Nov 17, 2014

Inside HR Tech

Here's a quarter-by-quarter HR-technology game plan for a successful year.
Disrupting HR in 2015 Dec 16, 2014

HR Technology

After some brief turn-of-the-calendar navel-gazing, read about a bold innovation from Oracle, namely a new category of apps called Work Life Solutions. Though adoption for these tools has been slow, they represent a rare and important experiment in applications for employees from a big systems HCM vendor.

Legal Clinic

Question: My company recently underwent a reduction-in-force. As I was informing one of our employees that he was going to be let go, I handed him our standard separation agreement. He took a look at it and said to me "I'll sign it. This thing won't be enforceable anyway." Can my company continue giving terminated employees our standard severance agreement?
Marijuana at Work Jan 5, 2015
NLRB Makes Union Organizing Easier
The National Labor Relations Board recently caused some big headaches for employers when it ruled that employers generally have to give non-management employees access to the employer's own email system to communicate with each other at work regarding working conditions and possible union organizing.
Answering the Engagement Question
How can executives possibly improve engagement if they don't understand the internal process individuals go through to become engaged in the first place?
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