Waving Good-bye to Class-Action Waivers?
Federal courts disagree over whether employers may require workers to go to arbitration rather than join together in class actions against them. The next step? It's complicated.
Americans Much in Favor of Background Checks
Granted, the company announcing this research has some “skin in the game,” as we sometimes say around here, but this study — which was explained to me in some detail at the recent SHRM16 conference in Washington — bears sharing.
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HR Technology

Normally when a giant company such as Microsoft buys an application I actually depend on to get my work done (such as Skype), I shudder and fret about what will happen. But LinkedIn has been so wrong-headed for so long that I clicked my heels upon hearing the news.

Talent Management

A "fundamental attribution error" often leads HR leaders to assume that poor performers are just bad apples, because it is difficult to consider that circumstances might be contributing to their subpar performances.

HR Leadership

Analyzing workforce and cost implications of the new overtime regulations is just the start of HR's work in preparing for the upcoming changes.


College students entering the workplace are saddled with between $28,000 and $37,000 of student-loan debt. But as more employers are beginning to realize, the scope of the problem extends well beyond that group.

Inside HR Tech

Here are five key factors to consider when using HR technology in an effort to achieve greater organizational success.

Legal Clinic

Question: We just completed an internal investigation into allegations of discrimination and found the evidence did not substantiate the claim. Are we required by law to tell the complaining employee -- who keeps asking about the investigation -- sensitive information uncovered by the investigation? If not, is there a best practice for how much information HR should share about an investigation and its results with the complaining employee?
Searching for Symbols of Trust
Trust in retirement-savings providers is at an all-time low. So how can organizations help their employees ratchet up the financial courage needed to make the right choices for their futures?
Top Employee-Wellness Myths Destroyed
When done correctly, employee-wellness programs can have a huge impact on employee engagement and overall company success. Here, four of the most popular myths surrounding employee-wellness programs are debunked.
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