The Age of Ambiguity
A new Littler survey finds employers and HR faced with growing uncertainty as they attempt to make sense of a "tangled web of federal, state and local laws."
How Does Bullying Affect Bystanders?
In case you needed further evidence of workplace bullying’s toxic and far-reaching effects … In a new study, a University of North Texas professor finds that an office bully’s boorishness not only distresses the employee on the receiving end of such behavior, but is harmful to those who witness it as well.
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HR Technology

Long the market's favorite talent-management-suite vendor, Cornerstone has continued to prosper (even becoming profitable!) as the market has turned to buying end-to-end systems instead. While keeping its historic position as a top learning vendor, the company over the past three years has been developing light Core HR functionality (an HRMS). Will that be enough to turn the corner?

Talent Management

There are steps the nation can take to create better jobs, but don't expect them to be taken any time soon.
The End of Overtime? May 16, 2017

HR Leadership

From big cities to small towns, employers can no longer afford to stay on the sidelines when it comes to addressing today's workplace substance-abuse problem. But HR executives must exercise care as they walk through a substance-abuse legal landscape that includes issues of medical privacy, disability law, and balanced and effective performance management.
A Question of Trust Apr 10, 2017


Wellness expert Bob Merberg believes good food shouldn't be something employers are trying to convert employees to eat. Instead, he says, employer-provided food represents a need companies should be seeking to accommodate.

Inside HR Tech

Here are some observations about the current state of HR technology and some of the issues that will be explored at this year's HR Tech conference, including the link between technology and engagement and the maturation of analytics.
HCM Trendspotting Mar 8, 2017

Legal Clinic

Question: We are pulling our hair out with all of the different sick-time laws around the country popping up. Some say four days, some say five days, some say 40 hours, yet all have different rates of accrual, different rules on rollover and many have different definitions of covered absences. What should we do about this? We have employees in multiple states and it seems like every other day there's a new law and we have to re-draft our handbook. Is there any way to simplify all of this and still be in compliance?
Is Your Culture Working For or Against You?
Today's leaders face a new era of corporate reputational risk from both inside and outside their walls, making it more important than ever to articulate and embed a shared purpose and set of values that will serve as a guiding light during troubled times.
What Good HR Looks Like
While HR is responsible for roughly half of an organization's operating costs, most HR professionals don't have the skills to be true business leaders. Here are some ways to build the skills HR executives need to excel.
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