No Hugs Allowed?
A recent court ruling could have employers scrambling to address hugging and other physical contact in their employee handbooks, legal experts say.
Trump Nixes ‘Blacklisting’ Rule
The Trump regulation rollback parade rolled over a few more Obama-era rules on Monday, including the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule.
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HR Technology

Just about 14 months after leaving the company he founded, Zenefits, more or less in public disgrace, Parker Conrad has launched his next company called Rippling. There, he is trying to repeat the same amazing smartphone-like integration and ease-of-use, only this time for onboarding at small companies. And don't believe everything you've read about him. (Except here, of course.)

Talent Management

The old days, when HR was actually seen as an advocate for employee interests, have essentially disappeared, and the profession now is facing its most serious challenge: justifying its existence by showing how its actions benefit shareholders.

HR Leadership

With a swiftly changing business environment, HR executives need to remember their role in helping people and organizations survive and thrive despite disruptions.
HR and Fake News Jan 16, 2017

Inside HR Tech

Here's a deeper look at three of the top 10 global trends identified in a new Deloitte report on human capital trends and how HR leaders can take advantage of them.
Looking Ahead Jan 11, 2017


HR executives who want to compete for a modern workforce need to consider weaving some element of flexibility into their culture to win the attraction-and-retention game.

Legal Clinic

Question: Can you give us a primer on the similarities and differences of employment-law process and practice when it comes to claims before the New York State Human Rights Law and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission? Can you also explain how these processes are different when we are dealing with discrimination cases that are in federal court?
5 Ways to Address Negative Social Media
An employee has just sent out an inflammatory social-media message, offending business patrons who now demand that you either "take action" or else endure an online shaming. Here are five possible strategies for an HR response.
Why Isn't Employee Engagement Engaging Employees?
Despite good intentions, employee-engagement programs seem to be falling short of their promise, and end up engendering frustration and, far worse, cynicism among the workforce.
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