Supreme Cases to Watch
From union dues to the scope of class-action lawsuits, the Supreme Court is set to take on several cases with potentially broad-reaching HR implications in its upcoming term.
Death of the Desk Job
A new study, titled Death of the Desk Job — based on a survey of 1,700 North American full-time employees in order to understand how the traditional workday is changing based on employee preferences — finds 70 percent would leave their job for one that offers more workday flexibility, including the ability to work remotely more often.
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HR Technology

At its recent user conference, Workday Rising, the company delivered a terrific new HCM feature, finally completed its talent-management suite and signaled a potential new direction. Not bad for one day in Vegas!

Talent Management

A new study on the effects of minimum-wage increases in the fast-food industry reveals differing effects on sustainability due to differing business models and levels of efficiency. So what effect does a wage hike have? It all depends.

Inside HR Tech

Increased venture-capital investment and heightened competition are two major factors influencing what HR leaders can expect out of their vendors going forward.
The Power to Transform Aug 26, 2015
Rethinking Email Aug 5, 2015

HR Leadership

Four steps HR leaders can take to ensure conflict avoidance doesn't stifle innovation and creativity.
Being a 'Truth Teller' Aug 31, 2015


Last July, our benefits columnist gained firsthand knowledge of what it's like to move through the healthcare system after surviving being struck by a car. Here are a few of the lessons that accident taught her about the healthcare experience and what needs to change.

Legal Clinic

Question: I run two small but successful restaurants. While business has been good, costs are high, so margins are always tight. We are always looking for ways to lower our expenses. We pay the hourly staff minimum wage, but they often make much more than that after tips. May we change our hourly rate to below minimum wage since the tips often bring them over that threshold?
Overcoming the Silent Epidemic
A healthy workforce is essential to creating a healthy business, and that means employers must make efforts to assist workers with mental illness in the workplace.
Health Plan Check-Up: Prepping for 2016
Here are some tips for HR leaders to help their organizations avoid penalties related to the Affordable Care Act's new reporting forms when they become due next year.
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