The 'Super Bowl' for Recruiters
Many large employers, including UPS and retailer Kohl's, are using a variety of novel tactics to recruit thousands of seasonal employees for the upcoming holiday-sales blitz, including a new focus on hiring veterans.
Working Hard for the Holidays

Last week, HRE reported on the Heartland Monitor Poll, in which 45 percent of 1,000 employed Americans said there was “some chance” they will be working on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.



HR Leadership

A visit to the recent HR Technology Conference and Expostion® in Las Vegas underscores a need for HR executives to get better versed in the latest technological trends -- especially predictive analytics -- and their impact on organizations.
On Karma and Comp Oct 27, 2014


In light of the recent Ebola scare, employers might be well-served to revisit their policies and procedures -- and prepare in advance for the next potential epidemic.
Working with Wearables Sep 22, 2014

HR Technology

About 25 years ago, one popular choice for a small company (two to 50 employees) HR system was Abra Cadabra. There were others, of course, but Abra Cadabra triumphed by doing it more simply and now serves millions of customers. Meet San Francisco start-up Zenefits. While many HR applications may run on your smartphone, Zenefits runs like your smartphone, and really offers a consumer-tech experience in business software.

Talent Management

Few employers seem to be following in the footsteps of Apple and Facebook by offering to cover the cost of freezing a woman's eggs -- and perhaps for good reason.

Inside HR Tech

Organizations can do a better job working with their providers of HR technology -- and thereby drive improved business outcomes -- by following the five simple tips below.
A 3-D View Sep 5, 2014

Legal Clinic

Question: We are all frightened by the recent Ebola crisis and would like some guidance on what HR can and cannot do to help address employee concerns and protect the workplace. Are we allowed to ask employees who come from the countries where there is an outbreak to get tested and confirm that they have not been exposed to the virus as a condition for them continuing to work with us?
Improvement by Reduction
Smart managers recognize that workers who lack resources are forced to rely on each other to cooperate to solve problems and seize opportunities.
Transforming Onboarding with Automation
Beyond being a time saver, having automatic workflows in place enables HR executives to focus less on the logistical mechanics of onboarding and more on the actual person.
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