Split Decision
The near-record number of corporate spin-offs has given HR leaders a chance to shine as they help build up the new entities.
Start Them Up!
Despite up-and-down gas prices and clogged freeways, the American love affair with the car continues, as does the enthusiasm among American workers and their companies for vehicle-related benefits.
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HR Leadership

It's unrealistic to expect a CEO to truly know and understand how his or her company's culture is experienced by others. That's where HR comes in.

Inside HR Tech

A quick review of this year's HR Tech Conference program reveals several themes that are changing the HR landscape.
Rethinking Email Aug 5, 2015

HR Technology

HireVue CEO and Founder Mark Newman is the most genial chief software executive I know. What makes him so happy? Having so much fun figuring out the next useful thing to do with the nearly 20 million video job interviews his software has recorded for customers since 2004. You'll be astounded at what he's been up to!
Who Else Wants WANTED? Jun 23, 2015

Talent Management

The U.K. government's recent arguments for better treatment of workers are about as clear a manifesto for the importance of human resources as a function as one could imagine. Will it have a ripple effect on this side of the pond?


During the past quarter century, the Americans with Disabilities Act has had an unanticipated effect on employers and their accommodations of employees who became injured or ill.
In Times of Peril Jun 4, 2015

Legal Clinic

Question: I run two small but successful restaurants. While business has been good, costs are high, so margins are always tight. We are always looking for ways to lower our expenses. We pay the hourly staff minimum wage, but they often make much more than that after tips. May we change our hourly rate to below minimum wage since the tips often bring them over that threshold?
Background Screening for Big Hires
HR's role in the vetting process needs to go beyond criminal-record searches and perfunctory education and employment verification in order to proactively uncover the "good, bad and ugly" about a potential business leader.
A North Star for HR Executives
Today's HR leaders need to approach their profession more holistically, partnering with other functions across the organization to meet business goals and focusing on five key criteria -- like the points of a star -- to guide them.
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