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Look for voice-activated workplace apps, a variety of AI-aided systems and sprint-speed project trials and launches to soon enter the workplace, according to experts at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas.
Big Business Adopts Freelance Platforms
As freelancers account for a greater portion of large enterprises’ workforce, human resources executives are adopting new technologies to streamline sourcing and paying gig workers.
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HR Technology

It feels to me like getting a third version of the Bible. Until a few years ago, 68-year-old giant ADP used, sold or licensed mostly software it had bought from other vendors. Except for its legendary payroll system, Autopay, which pays the employees of 635,000 clients. Now, everything is getting rewritten from scratch.

Talent Management

A new report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows an increase in household incomes over the past few years, but wage levels don't seem to be rising. What's going on here?

Inside HR Tech

These days, there's no lack of information for HR leaders to use to conduct research and due diligence on HR tech purchase decisions. But which sources of advice are trustworthy, or at least, relatively better than some of the competing alternatives?


In an open letter to Gwyneth Paltrow, HRE's benefits columnist weighs in on the Hollywood actress and lifestyle guru's popular wellness platform and what it could mean for employers.
Bring Change to Mind Jul 25, 2017

HR Leadership

HRE's HR Leadership columnist shares some final thoughts and advice to professionals looking to advance their careers in the field, including a call to be proud of HR's role within an organization.
When Trust Matters Jul 31, 2017

Legal Clinic

Question: An employee recently left our firm and we have reason to believe he took client lists with him. His employment agreement says that he is not supposed to take any confidential information from the firm when he leaves. But confidential information is not precisely defined in our agreement. Are names and addresses, such as those found on client lists, generally considered confidential information or not?
When Is Curiosity More Valuable than Knowledge?
As the expertise-based model of leadership loses relevance among organizations, a different form of leadership must emerge that is based on being purpose-driven, curious, agile and connected.
Three Ingredients for Fostering a Culture of Trust
By focusing on the concepts of character, connection and conviction, HR leaders can contribute to increased levels of trust in an organization.
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