Confronting the Skilled-Worker Shortage
There is no question that there is a shortage of skilled workers in the United States. What may be less well known is that this shortage covers multiple professions in many industries and has several causes, meaning that there is no single "cookie-cutter" solution.
The Steep Price of Sleep Deprivation
The conversation around nap rooms in the workplace isn’t exactly a new one. (For example, you can see just a few of HRE’s contributions to the long-running discussion here, here and, most recently, here.) The consensus seems to be that nooks around the office where employees can retreat for some (probably much-needed) shuteye will likely […]
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During the past quarter century, the Americans with Disabilities Act has had an unanticipated effect on employers and their accommodations of employees who became injured or ill.
In Times of Peril Jun 4, 2015

HR Technology

On the face of it, Marcus Buckingham, with his improbable Beverly Hills office address and Hollywood good looks, is the most unlikely HR software pioneer. But as one of the country's top experts for decades in measuring employee engagement and performance and as a leader of the "strengths" movement in organizational development, he has the HR chops to create the next generation of software and a new executive team that can make it happen.
Who Else Wants WANTED? Jun 23, 2015

Talent Management

There are two primary reasons behind why so many people dislike HR -- and neither has anything to do with whether the profession is doing a good or bad job.

HR Leadership

While outsourcing retirement-plan administration may make good business sense, it doesn't relieve a company -- or a CHRO -- from the obligations to ensure that the beneficiaries of the program are protected.

Inside HR Tech

HR technology was on the minds and lips of many HR professionals at SHRM's recent annual conference. Here are some of the most common questions HR leaders and practitioners had about HR technology initiatives at their organizations.

Legal Clinic

Question: Given the ever-increasing costs of employee benefits, our senior executives have asked whether we can reduce employee benefits as a cost-cutting measure. Can an employer take steps to reduce employee benefits in order to cut costs?
Don't Blow Up HR, Appreciate and Evolve It
For the last 20 years, the war for talent has been the dominant metaphor for HR. But now leading organizations are pivoting from a focus on war for talent to victory through organization.
Get Ready for Quickie NLRB Elections
Here are 10 steps HR leaders should take to ensure their organizations are not caught off-guard by the National Labor Relations Board's new rules on union-election petitions.
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