EEOC Rule Clarifies Wellness Programs
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's new rule on wellness programs imposes limitations on the type of information employers can collect from workers. Some critics, however, object to the many layers of federal regulations covering these programs.
The Power of Vulnerability
Many HR leaders — along with leaders of every stripe — tend to view vulnerability as a weakness, and strive to “engineer it out” of their organizations.
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HR Technology

For years, experts have been waiting for Cornerstone, the leading provider of a talent-management-only suite, to build an HRMS, or Core HR, to create a unified system. With eyes firmly on SAP SuccessFactors, which did the same thing five years ago, the company has finally announced its plans, but just as the game could already be changing!

Talent Management

Employers may love the idea of an on-demand workforce, but as the labor market tightens and options for workers improve, it's going to get much more difficult to find anyone who wants to wait around to see if someone will give them work.

HR Leadership

New research suggests the female-dominant HR profession takes a hit when it promotes diversity within organizations. But If HR doesn't advocate for greater diversity, how likely is it more women will be able to move into leadership roles?

Inside HR Tech

Here are five key factors to consider when using HR technology in an effort to achieve greater organizational success.


According to a May 2015 Federal Reserve survey, approximately half of Americans cannot afford a $400 emergency expense without selling something or borrowing money. How should employers consider their role in helping employees during times of financial hardship?

Legal Clinic

Question: We just completed an internal investigation into allegations of discrimination and found the evidence did not substantiate the claim. Are we required by law to tell the complaining employee -- who keeps asking about the investigation -- sensitive information uncovered by the investigation? If not, is there a best practice for how much information HR should share about an investigation and its results with the complaining employee?
Enabling Better Business Transformation
Organizations must to find new ways to enable employees to gain valuable skills, while employee learning and development must be reimagined and redefined so employees can drive their own careers and development.
Building a Culture of Mobility
A recent i4cp study identifies the practices and approaches high-performing organizations are applying to get the most out of their talent-mobility efforts.
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